Built-up / Gravel / Torch


Built-Up roofs are asphalt infused sheets with reinforcing fabric inlaid and are built with multiple layers adhered together with hot asphalt. These roofs are incredibly durable and have a very long life. The top layer or Cap Sheet has ceramic granules inlaid for UV and impact resistance. This was the most common roof until about six years ago.

A Gravel roof is a built up system with no cap sheet, instead there is an additional layer of hot asphalt (flood coat) with rock covering the entire system.

The Torch system is also comprised of multiple layers of rolled sheets that are applied with torches in place of the hot asphalt.

The best option depends on the building and the characteristics of the roof itself. When you are looking to replace your commercial or industrial building roof, call Clean Roofing, and we will visit your location and provide you with the best options available.

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