Restoration Coatings / Fluid Applied Roof

Restoration coatings can be a great and cost-effective option when the roof still has enough serviceable life. Coatings leave a monolithic membrane on top of the existing membrane and can give a roof an additional 20 years of warranted life. Not all roofs will be an applicant for restoration, if the roof has exceeded its serviceable life a coating would not be appropriate.

When adding a reflective coding to your existing roofing system, you may even decrease your energy footprint. You may be able to reach Title 24 compliance by becoming a LEED certified building. Clean Roofing loves helping businesses become more environmentally friendly. Let us talk you thru this process. We can even work with our sister company Clean Solar to provide other energy saving ideas.

Restorative coatings are becoming increasingly popular because they tend to minimize or eliminate disruption to your existing business. Putting a layer of protection on top of the existing roof instead of ripping up the existing system and entirely replacing may be valuable to your business. Clean Roofing can even help you determine which coatings make the most sense for you (acrylic, silicone, urethane, or others)

Coatings are not just for the top of commercial buildings either. Clean Roofing also use restorative coatings for parking garages, plaza decks, pedestrian coatings, vehicular traffic coatings, and more.